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1986-1993 Used Accessory Kit

Price: $850.00

This kit contains the following parts:
Power Steering Pump with Bracket & Pulley
Power Steering Pump Bolt
5.0 A/C Heater HVAC Power Steering Pump Stud Bolt
Smog Pump & Pulley
Smog Pump Bracket
Smog Pump Bolts
Crankshaft Pulley
Crankshaft Bolts
Alternator Pulley
Alternator Smog & Tensioner Bracket
Alternator Bracket Bolts
Alternator Top Bolt
Alternator Bottom Bolt
Water Pump
Water Pump Pulley
Water Pump Pulley Bolts
Water Pump Bolts
Belt Tensioner & Pulley
Belt Tensioner Bolt
A/C Heater HVAC Compressor Power Steering Pump Bracket
A/C Compressor
A/C Compressor Bolts
A/C Steering Head Bracket
A/C Bracket Bolt - 11/16"
If you need to accessorize your DSS 347 or Ford Racing engines, these are all the parts you will need!
This can also convert your V-Belt drive with a serpentine system.

Please call us with any questions.
If this kit contains too much or too little of what you’re looking for, please contact us for different options!


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